Plastic Extrusions and Manufacturing for Construction

Plastics for Construction

Lightweight and flexible, plastics and PVC are becoming more commonly used for construction instead of traditional materials. Plastic extrusions can be used for guttering, piping, and soffits, as well as more specific and tailored uses such as protective casing for cables and electrical wires. The nature of modelling plastics to suit a variety of needs makes the development of newer bonds and techniques very important for new construction as well as safe renovations of older structures.

Use of Bespoke Plastics

Using state of the art technology in extrusion facilities allows BG Bullas Ltd to create custom plastic extrusions for just about any project’s needs. With the use of bespoke tooling, the design and manufacture in the house of construction plastics aren’t limited to just roofing, glazing, and plumbing. Our comprehensive services include extrusions of varying lengths, different colours as needed, and a range of options for secondary finishes.

Our clients are impressed with the short lead times we provide for their custom projects. Whatever the need, Bullas can fill it with high-quality plastic extrusions for any budget and construction application.

We can produce different plastics for all aspects of construction use

Although we have exceptional bespoke capabilities, our tooling can also create many general use construction plastic extrusions.

  • Windows and Conservatories: Profiles, trim and supports.
  • Glazing systems for the exterior
  • Fascia and guttering for roofing needs
  • Plumbing pipes for waste disposal and water delivery
  • Interior and exterior trims for windows, conservatories and doors
  • Cable and electrical wire housings

Why use plastics

Plastic is just as durable than traditional building materials and often more so than some lighter metals. With it’s resistance to corrosive influences, plastic is ideally suited for harsh outdoor elements. Using plastic instead of metals can be more cost-effective, as well. With many construction projects focused on the bottom line controlling costs, for materials is very important.

Plastics are more environmentally friendly than one may think. Several kinds can be recycled, and many plastics do a much better job protecting against noise pollution than metals. Plastics can be heat resistant, as well, making them ideal casing for electrical wires and other housings for wires and motors that generate heat.

For construction crews, the lightweight nature of plastic, versus using metal, is safer and results in fewer workplace accidents and injuries. Since plastics tend to be lighter to lift and install, work may be done with fewer hands, helping contractors keep labour costs down.

Competitive quotes

As a family-owned business, we have a passion for our industry. Since 1963, the Bullas family has been producing plastic extrusions for commercial and residential business uses. We keep our production and design in-house and we are the manufacturer, which reduces the overall overhead costs that a large chain company or distributor may pass along to the customer.

Our quotes are determined on a per project basis, and our professional sales people can guide you to the one that suits your needs best. We offer the best quality plastics and the most cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.

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